Our Process at NMR

NMR boasts a broad and surging network of nationally licensed and board certified independent physician reviewers and healthcare professionals.

We maintain a Quality Management Program, in accordance with URAC regulations, which establishes requisite structures and processes to ensure the ongoing evaluation and consistent delivery of quality cases to our clientele


NMR maintains a national Provider network with extensive coverage of medical specialties

1500+ Providers spanning 100+ different specialties


Our Network includes over 500 Dual Boarded Reviewers

Improves efficiency in reviews that require multiple specialty opinions.


20% of our network is bilingual or multilingual

Offering coverage of over 30 languages.

From Our Blog

Utilize Your Expertise: Be a Physician Peer Reviewer at NMR

Did you know that about one-quarter of physicians work between 60 and 80 hours a week? Even among those who don't work this much, the overwhelming majority put in more than 40 hours weekly. While conducting physician peer reviews will certainly help you improve the healthcare system as a whole, doing so can also give you a bit of your life back.

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